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Cosmic Sniping

2010-11-13 11:08:07 by madfurycoin

The astronaut adjusts his lens for a better view of his target, who is currently sitting down on a bench. He makes note of wind speed on the planet below by looking at the target's surroundings: not a breeze in this area. The trigger is pulled sending a small meteor towards the target who has no idea what is about to happen to him. Three...Two...One the astronaut counts in his head. The comet disintegrates till it is the size of a fifty cal bullet. Then, impact. "Target eliminated."

What do you think of the idea folks?

first song on NG

2010-05-04 21:29:16 by madfurycoin

its on there! yeay! finally! i feel happy now
last dark stand

first song finally submitted

2010-04-17 14:51:48 by madfurycoin

its on newgrounds now all i have to do is wait for the moderators to approve it....*takes grenade and throws it somewhere random* these exploding green thingys should provide me enough entertainment until they approve it

UPDATE: ok so like one of the people said below on the comments it probably wasn't approved so for now heres a link to the song on YT and yes it is uploaded by my YT account (themagnet201) so if you feel like it listen to the song and feel free to tell me what you think about it. last dark stand

my first song

2010-03-23 16:56:10 by madfurycoin

well its been awhile since i actually did something on NG and i still dont have any conversion software to get it on newgrounds it is however on youtube last dark standenjoy and if you have a YT account rate and comment :) and remember its just a demo! ill finish it sometime

my first song

2010-02-07 21:36:20 by madfurycoin

well everyone i found a song i made on gurage band a year ago as soon as i can convert it to a type that newgrounds will allow it will be uploaded but untill im able to get teh software needed dont expect anything soon %u263B

my first song